[WikiBG-Info] Invitation to Wikipedia for Peace Kick-off 2017

Thomas Schallhart thomas.schallhart at gmx.at
Tue Sep 20 22:20:38 EEST 2016

Dear Wikimedia Bulgaria team,

I met Nikola on Sunday in Germany at WikiCon and talked to him shortly 
about this already. Maybe you have heard of the project "Wikipedia for 
Peace", which we have organised in Austria in 2015 and in 2016. 
Wikipedia for Peace is a volunteering camp where people from different 
parts of the world come together for about two weeks. They first learn 
how to write/edit Wikipedia articles and then contribute to improving 
the articles on peace movements in their native language. In Austria the 
project is a collaboration between Wikimedia Austria and the Austrian 
chapter of the peace organisation Service Civil International. You can 
find information (and a video) about the project here on Meta: 

In 2017 we want to motivate other Wikimedia chapters to start up similar 
projects in their countries and communities and to spread the project 
around the globe. In both camps that took place in Austria so far we had 
a very motivated Bulgarian participants, Zhenya Gundasheva from Stara 
Zagora (here in CC), who is interested in setting up a Wikipedia for 
Peace camp in Bulgaria together with the Bulgarian Service Civil 
International (CVS Bulgaria, here in CC as well) and you. Would be 
great, if it worked out, you have our support! :)

In order to support planned Wikipedia for Peace projects, we organize a 
kick-off event in Vienna around Easter 2017. The Kick-off will be a 
training in how to organize such a project, so we will share a lot of 
the good and bad experiences we made in the past year and we will 
discuss how the project can evolve and improve. Apart from Austrian, 
Russian, Swiss, German, possibly Polish and Italian participants, Zhenya 
will participate in the Kick-off. We would also like to invite one of 
you from Wikimedia Bulgaria or the Bulgarian Wikipedia community to join 
the training. It will probably be 4-5 days long (probably one weekend + 
one additional day) and we are currently applying for funding from the 
European Commission for the training, so that accommodation, food and 
travel costs would be fully covered.

If you would to send someone to the training, you would need to be an 
official partner organization in the application form, which I will 
submit on October 4th. So you would need to fill out the two documents 
in the attachment:
- Partner Identification: Here you would need to fill out what is in the 
form. Maybe it's not so clear what a "PIC" is - that is a identification 
number that organizations have, when they apply for funding with the 
European Commission. Maybe Wikimedia Bulgaria already has one of those 
because of partnership in applications in the past, otherwise you would 
need to register with the European Commission and upload some documents 
about your organization to their online portal. If you don't have a PIC, 
I can guide you through the process.
- Mandate: Here you need to replace everything that is yellow with the 
data from Wikimedia Bulgaria, let the document be signed by somebody who 
can legally sign documents for Wikimedia Bulgaria and send me the scans.

Hope to hear from you! :) Please get back to me, if you have any questions.

All the best,

PS: I started my 100wikidays yesterday - great initiative from Bulgaria!

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