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my name is Konstantinos Stampoulis, editor and systop in el.wikipedia,
member of Wikimedia Community User Group Greece.

Long ago I had seen  MonmouthpediA, GibraltarpediA, Freopedia and other
wikitown projects around the world as projects significantly extending the
usage and impact of Wikipedia.

I have proposed it to many people and we have finally an aggreement with
the Municipality of Thessaloniki, for a project called "thesswiki".
thesswiki project is a first ever GLAM-wiki project in Greece.

Below is a presentation of the project:

The aim

thesswiki project aims to digitize the history and culture of the city of
Thessaloniki by the citizens themselves using the most prominent online
encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia, while interconnecting digital entries
in the urban landscape. thesswiki is a cyber-physical action, which aims to
have impact on culture, education, tourism and e-government.

Thessaloniki: the Wikipedia City

The project will start by opening content currently available in galleries,
museums, libraries and archives (GLAM-organisations) in Thessaloniki in
order to cover notable sites, historical events, monuments, people and
artists in as many languages as possible. Thessalonians from around the
world (including nationalities who have had important historical
relationship with the city, such as Bulgarians, Turks, Armenians, Russians,
Jews, English, French, Spaniards, Ukrainians, Georgians, etc.) will be
invited to strengthen these entries, whereas special barcodes, called QR
codes, will be mounted on the sides of buildings or monuments, in order to
allow users with smartphones, focusing specifically on tourists and
visitors, to scan them and instantly access up-to-date Wikipedia entries
about all aspects of life in Thessaloniki in their native language.

The educational profile of the action

thesswiki project is an experiential educational and cultural activity on
integrating free and easy access to knowledge within the everyday life of
citizens and the use of wikis in the public space and culture. Specific
activities related to the educational dimension of the project include
wikipedia training seminars, wikipedia gathering from around the world
(wiki-camps), webinars, workshops, etc.

Thessaloniki: why?

Thessaloniki is the ideal case for such an action due to its
multiculturalism, evident both in the past history and everyday life, but
also for its high rate of young people amongst the total population and the
large number of active community and volunteer organizations related to

Who will support the project?

The project is designed by Wikipedia Community User Group of Greece and is
supported actively by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Yiannis Boutaris
himself, voted as world's’ number 8 best mayor by the independent “City
Mayors Foundation” (2015). The project will be implemented in cooperation
with PostScriptum (Greece’s premier digital consulting specialist to
Cultural (GLAM) Organizations), Greek Free Open Source Society (GFOSS),
volunteer organisations and platforms as well as higher education
institutes and all major Museums and Libraries and Archives of the city.
All stakeholders have already been engaged into discussion and
collaboration and are planning concrete actions to be implemented. Once the
project is finalized, neighboring and other international Wikipedia user
groups will be included in order to expand the outreach of the project.

Dimitria Festival 2015

The project will be officially announced at the opening ceremony of
Demetria Festival 2015, the most prominent annual cultural festival taking
place in Thessaloniki in September 2015. During the one-month duration of
the festival, first QR codes, will be mounted on monuments and street
signage, specific activities interlinked to the Festival will be
implemented, including wikipedia training workshops, an international
wiki-camp, open discussions and seminars. All the actions will be
implemented in cooperation with informal or voluntary groups and will be
coordinated by PostScriptum and the Wikipedia User Group Greece.

The sustainability of the action

thesswiki is designed as an on-going project and aims to incorporate
numerous activities throughout the years 2016 and 2017, contributing
effectively to the qualitative and quantitative enrichment of Wikipedia,
expanding the visibility and impact of the wikipedia on the local
population as well as international tourists, visitors and wikipedia user
groups. The follow-up activities will be designed and implemented by all
project stakeholders mainly aligned to the municipal e-government and smart
city strategies.

Foreign Wikimedia Chapters and User Groups as stakeholders

I have proposed that Wikimedia Chapters and User Groups in South East
Europe can help as a lot, communitating the project to users of other
language wikipedias and countries with historical relationship with the
city. Wikipedia articles linked through a QR-code from a monument itself,
will be read by thousands of visitors. They need to read an article in
their own language!  We will probably organise some contests and may be a
WikiCamp. But writing or translating an article that will be read by
hundrends or thousands of your own people is enough reason to do it.

I ask you if your chapter/user group/community is willing to help and
participate in our project with the minimum of announcing it to your

Thank you,

Konstantinos Stampoulis
geraki at geraki.gr

Wikimedia User Group Greece
team at wikimedia.gr <info-el at wikimedia.gr>
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