[europeana-280-challenge] Art History Challenge update - number 2

Liam Wyatt liamwyatt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 14:13:05 EEST 2016

Dear GLAMistas!
After a busy week - with many of us being at the WMcon in Berlin - here's
update 2 for the Europeana Art History Challenge:
1. Reminders
2. Milestones
3. New Prizes
4. Virtual Exhibition

* Some participants are creating new Wikipedia articles/translations, but
are forgetting to connect them to the relevant Wikidata item. If they don't
do this, then no one else in the Challenge knows that the article exists.

* If you're running an event, please take photos/video that can be used in
the short documentary of the project Sandra is making. Announcement:

* People can subscribe to this mailing list at:

* If you publish any blogposts or have interesting updates, don't forget to
add them to:


* There is now a "complete" set of Wikidata descriptions in both English
and Dutch and there is a "near complete" set in Breton, Bulgarian, Danish,
and French
Click on the language name here to see how yours is progressing:

* At the time of writing this, 160 new Wikipedia articles have been written
for this challenge, and growing fast. You can see this progress for all
languages at:

* Sweden is the first country to have Wikipedia articles about all 10 of
their artworks in any language - Swedish Wikipedia (sv.wp) Congratulations!
Some countries are very close (like France in the French WP, Finland in
Finnish WP, Denmark in Danish WP, England in English WP, and Spain in
Spanish WP) but only the Swedish Wikipedia (sv.wp) has the complete set of
10 articles from their own country.
I would encourage you to try to get the articles about your own country's
artworks written in the local language Wikipedia as a first priority, then
translated into English. This helps to motivate local participants and also
increases the likelihood that your country's art will be translated by

* In total English now has over 110 articles (it started at 14) and the
largest % improvement is Bulgarian - which started at 7 and now has 40,
almost a 6x increase!

* We've had 34 wikimedians from 19 countries officially sign up to claim
points. Please encourage your friends and contacts to join - the more the
merrier! I know that some people have also been participating (especially
via the CEE Spring contest) but without signing up. That's certainly
allowed, but it would really help to show how active Wikimedia is if
everyone did list their name, even if they're not interested in the
points/prizes incentive.

* Relatedly - congratulations to our 'sister competition' the "CEE Spring"
for their excellent progress so far! You can follow their very active
facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/WCEESpring/

==New prizes==
Wikimedia Norway and the National Museum of Norway are now offering EXTRA
prizes for this Challenge. Specifically:
* Best new article about one of the Norwegian artworks
* Best translation into Norwegian about another country's artworks
* Best article about a work from a female artist
* Best new editor
There are also prizes specifically for Norwegians:

This is a fantastic way for the GLAMs and Chapters to get involved and
hopefully help encourage people to write about their own works. If your
chapter/GLAMs want to offer extra prizes for your own criteria - you're
very welcome to include them!

==Virtual exhibition==
Europeana has now launched the official companion virtual exhibition to the
project - "Faces of Europe". It takes a thematic approach to the selected
artworks with seven themes that span all the country's items - such as
'divinity', 'revolution', and 'beauty'. Have a look!

Yours in Art History,
-Liam / Wittylama

Peace, love & metadata
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