[Ceespring-localorganisers] Contest in Macedonia

Toni Ristovski toni91ehrlich at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 22:39:44 EET 2019

Dear All,

I would like to present that I finished article list for Macedonia this
year, which I again include categories *People from CEE descent who were
born/lived in Macedonia *and *Jews in Macedonia* (special category with
roughly translated English versions of Macedonian articles).[1] Also, I
change all topics in other categories from previous editions and include
only articles with 6-7 or less connections with other CEE Wikipedia
language editions.

Additionally, this year contest of CEE Spring in Macedonia will be *only* one
calendar month as all other editing contests conducted on Macedonian

We did not found useful to have contest two and half months, and also give
us an options to have more various contests (as editing weekends and days,
and to start other contests), which is more important for us as small


Best regards,
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