[Ceespring-localorganisers] Yes / No quesions to the CEE Spring Local Organizers for the final report

vassia atanassova vassia.atanassova at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 12:00:41 EEST 2017

 Your timely answers to some questions below are more than welcome. To make
it as easy as possible for you, and no excuse not to anser :)))) the
questions are *formulated in the Yes/No manner*. Feel free to add
additional information, if you like to.

Did you announce the CEE Spring contest via:
** the local community mailing list?
** the local community blog?
** on the local Village Pump?
** on the local Wikipedia sitenotice bar?
** local social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
** paper brochures?
** face-to-face meetings?

Did you regularly post new information about the contest, or shared the
blog posts from the social media?

Did you notice visible positive increase in this year's recruitment and/or

Did you specifically outreach to new editors?

Were there new editors who joined the contest this year? (new editors here
are those who have been on Wikipedia for less than 2 months before the
start of CEE Spring (i.e. registered after 21 January)

Did you have an official awarding ceremony for the winners, or sent the
prizes by post?

Did you start as a result of CEE Spring 2017 a new collaboration with an
external institution (cultural institute or embassy from the CEE region,
etc.)? (Feel free to give extra info)

Did you start as a result of CEE Spring 2017 a new onwiki project - locally
or cross-border? (Feel free to give extra info)

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