[Ceespring-localorganisers] Support from CEE Spring Local Organizers for the final report

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Thu Aug 24 10:45:10 EEST 2017

Dear friends CEE Spring Local Organizers,

It is reporting time for the CEE Spring 2017, and I hope you will be able
to assist in the preparation of the final report, which is to be completed
by the end of August. We have more or less the hard data (statistics of the
contest), but some human feedback will also be very helpful and needed.

In the final report template we have this section


*Looking back over your whole project, what did you achieve? Tell us the
story of your achievements, your results, your outcomes. Focus on inspiring
moments, tough challenges, interesting antecdotes or anything that
highlights the outcomes of your project. Imagine that you are sharing with
a friend about the achievements that matter most to you in your project.*

   - *This should not be a list of what you did. You will be asked to
         provide that later in the Methods and Activities section.*
         - *Consider your original goals as you write your project's story,
         but don't let them limit you. Your project may have important
outcomes you
         weren't expecting. Please focus on the impact that you believe matters

What were the main challenges in the local organization of the contest this
year? What was different from last year, in positive or negative way? How
would you do things differently next year?

Can you think of some interesting and inspiring examples of how the contest
(hopefully positively) affected your community and version of Wikipedia? If
you know of some newbie editors who joined the project as a result of the
contest, or students who took part in the contest as part of their wiki
education programme, younger or senior editors...

Were there some ideas for internal projects or cross country collaborations
that appeared as a result of CEE Spring 2017, again, if possible, with a
short summary and links?

Has there been any media publucity about the contest in your country, and
can you provide some links and one-sentence summary in English for each

Anything else you can think of that is worth mentioning and can add
some human perspective to the report, and evidence of the importance of
this huge regional project.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please add your input and comments
to the page


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